Things are more than the sum of their parts.

When the right molecules come together to form a cell, something magical happens, something we call life. When enough of them come together, it creates people who can feel and reason and believe. People who can imagine and do things their molecules could never comprehend.

We believe that when we merge the right kind of next generation technologies, the same kind of magic happens. We call it the Cyber Horizon, creating a whole new dimension of possibilities.


We only focus on tech and / or businesses that adds significant value, or where we can add significant value to them.

We either invest in, take an option to invest in or form strategic partnerships with tech or other companies that fit our core criteria.

We built our investment strategy from the ground up, unlike traditional VC’s, with the emphasis on what we must do to make the individual parts (businesses) successful.

We have investments or strategic alliances with businesses covering:

  • Loyalty
  • Data analytics
  • Cyber security
  • Digital marketing
  • Mobile payments
  • Social media profiling
  • Artificial intelligence bots
  • Telecoms infrastructure and ISP
  • University and high school student training, education and marketing

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